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American Constitution Society at William & Mary Law School

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Am. Const. Soc. Blog at Wm. & Mary L. Sch.


The “Aha!” moments come fast and frequent about all that’s wrong with our health care system – higher costs and worse outcomes than comparable Western democracies, mounting personal bankruptcies following illness, and the drain that health care costs pose for small businesses and the overall economy. But my most recent came when I realized that Emma, my 16-year old cat, was getting better health care than Emily, my 40-year old housecleaner. This short commentary, published by several newspapers and blogs, tells the harrowing story of a single mother's failed encounter with the health care system, and why "I Got Mine, Jack" cannot remain the American approach to reform. It urges those who warn that health care reform will lead to rationing not to forsake the victims of the rationing we already have.

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