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Hampton Roads Partnership Blog

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Hampton Roads P'ship Blog


Like the old New Deal, the new Green Deal will rescue the free-falling economy by investing in infrastructure that creates jobs and repositions American industry toward new kinds of growth. In the 1930s, FDR built a national network of roads, bridges, and parks, connecting producers and consumers, enhancing national security, and protecting natural resources. Today’s mission is exactly the same, but this time the infrastructure that can accomplish it will enable alternative energy generation, storage, and transmission. Sure, we could pass tax cuts instead – but if they don’t work, we’re left with a fistful of nothing. Investing in infrastructure gets people hired to build it, and the worst case scenario at the end of the day is a tangible bedrock for future economic growth. This short commentary, published on two political blogs, praises the President's pledge to invest in green energy infrastructure, and offers suggestions on how to do it. It urges reluctant members of Congress to act on the stimulus package in order to break ground on plans to invest in a renewable energy economy.

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