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Summer 1998


Florida State University College of Law




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Features: • New Eminent Scholar Chair is established at the law school (The Richard Ervin Chair, named for one of Florida's great public servants, represents a unique partnership between FSU and the Florida Attorney General's Office) • One former dean retires, another returns to duty (Orin Slagle, dean from 1980 until 1984, retires to his native Maine while Donald Weidner returns to the dean's suite after Paul LeBel steps down) • Nine Ashenafi '91 is a model lawyer (1998 Most Productive Young Lawyer also enjoys fashion modeling) • The changing face of the faculty (Four new tenured faculty reflect the dramatic changes in the College of Law's faculty in recent years. Frank Garcia, Larry Garvin, Ann McGinley and Lois Shepherd share a passion for both research and teaching. A special section includes profiles on the four professors plus an essay by each on a subject of current research) • Lois Shepard • Frank Garcia • Ann McGinley • Larry Garvin • Jack Van Doren takes his teaching on the road (The law professor has taugh t in some of the toughest classrooms in the world and has learned as many lessons as he's given) Departments: • Recognitions

FSU Law Magazine (Summer 1998)

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