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Spring 2002


Florida State University College of Law




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Features: • The law firm of the 21st century (Managing partner Biff Marshall has led Orlando-based Gray, Harris & Robinson into the forefront of Florida law firms) • An American hero (Kevin Snyder's quick action and unyielding resolve helped save a family in a fiery automobile accident south of Atlanta in early 2001) • Man of steel (College of Law professor and nationally respected tax law expert Joseph Dodge applies the same principles to his sculpture as he does to his scholarship) • Rick Baker (The mayor of St. Petersburg works hard to put his plan of citizen-friendly city government into action) • Putting education first (College of Law alumni president Rich Hadlow makes the point that education is the key to success, not just for himself, but for his children too) • Fuzzy math (The media calls on Dean Don Weidner, an expert in partnerships, to explain the business arrangements and accounting practices that led to the downfall of the Enron Corporation) • Bioethics symposium (Law professors Mary Crossley and Lois Shepherd hosted a world-class gathering of genetic, legal and ethical experts to examine questions concerning definitions of disabilities) • Mason Ladd Lecture (Stanford University law professor and the 2002 Mason Ladd Lecturer William Simon questions the authority of the bar) Departments: • Recognitions (Class notes, Faculty notes) • College notes

FSU Law Magazine (Spring 2002)

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