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Scholarly Publications from 1977


Pratt and Deductions for Payments to Partners, Donald J. Weidner
12 R. Prop. Prob. & Trust J. 811 (1977)

Scholarly Publications from 1976


Partnership Allocations, Donald J. Weidner
22 22nd Ann. Tax Conf. 29 (1976)

Scholarly Publications from 1975


Realty Shelter Partnerships in a Nutshell, Donald J. Weidner
8 Ind. L. Rev. 899 (1975)

Scholarly Publications from 1974


Yearend Sales of Losses in Real Estate Partnerships, Donald J. Weidner
1974 U. Ill. L. F. 533 (1974)

Scholarly Publications from 1973


Passing Depreciation to Investor-Partners, Donald J. Weidner
25 S.C. L. Rev. 215 (1973)

Scholarly Publications from 1968


Copyrights -- Since Fictional Characters Fall Within the Scope of Congressional Power over Copyrights, Federal Policy Prohibits States from Protecting Published Characters that the Copyright Act Has Left in the Public Domain, Donald J. Weidner
46 Tex. L. Rev. 379 (1968)